In Europe, in order to operate as an airplane flight training center, every organization must receive a specific approval delivered by the civil aviation authorities of its own country.

This approval, called A.T.O for Approved Training Organization, is only given to a training organization when it has demonstrated the following to the authorities:

  1. The educational know-how of its instructors (hiring selection, competency checks, experience),
  2. Operational abilities of its organization (administration),
  3. A navigability approval system for each aircraft (maintenance),
  4. A functional quality control system with the nomination of a quality manager,
  5. Training standardization for all instructors, controlled by the chief instructor.
  6. Training progression follow up of every trainee by a training manager selected by the Civil Aviation Authority for his experience.

Safety and satisfaction guaranty of our customers on the quality of the training they sign up for; Astonfly was awarded the certificate number FR.TO.0036