Rent a private airplane : rental conditions

Astonfly proposes the possibility of renting an F registered (France) airplane under European regulations, or an N registered (USA) airplane under American FAA regulations.

This choice is given to you if you want to take advantage of the privileges of your American license, if you have one, by renting a plane with Astonfly.

Prerequired conditions for renting an airplane with Astonfly :

  • Be the holder of a LAPL (A), PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A) license,
  • Be the holder of a class 2 medical certificate, under PART-MED regulations,
  • Be the holder of the class or type qualification for the desired airplane.
  • Having received transformation training if without prior experience on the rented plane, or otherwise be checked out on the plane by an Astonfly Instructor,
  • Have Pilot in command experience with the last 90 days on the type rented, or be checked out on type by an Astonfly Instructor,
  • Have a current rental contract with Astonfly.