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Aircraft manufacturers

Cirrus Design

Cirrus Design is an American light and business aircraft manufacturer created in 1984 by Alan and Dale Klapmeier.

Today, the company produces the SR20 and the SR22. This last one currently the most largely sold across the world. A private jet program is nearing certification, the Cirrus Vision SF50.



Cessna Aircraft Company is an American aircraft manufacturing company, its head office is in Wichita (Kansas). The Cessna Aircraft Company has been producing airplanes since 1927.

It produces light single engine airplanes like the famous Cessna 172 Skyhawk, as well as business jets with the Citation family. cessna.txtav.com


Diamond Aircraft

Diamond Aircraft is an Austrian aircraft manufacturer of light airplanes founded in 1981.

It sells, amongst others, the famous twin-engine DA 42 Twinstar used by Astonfly for the training of future airline pilots.



Beechcraft is a general aviation and military aviation manufacturer based in Wichita, Kansas (USA).

Beechcraft now belongs to Textron Aviation and is the producer of the famous 6 seat Bonanza G36.



Daher is a subcontractor producing Industrial Integrated Systems for the aeronautical industry, and advanced technologies, but it is also an airplane producer with the TBM family.

Its latest is the TBM900 and is considered as the most performant turbine single engine of its category.


Airbus Group Innovations

Presented for the first time at the Paris Le Bourget Air Show of 2013, the E-Fan produced by Airbus is the first twin-engine electric airplane in the world.

Astonfly, partner of the E-Fan project, is looking to the future to become in 2018 the first pilot training center for electric aircrafts.


Maintenance Centers

Aérolithe Cirrus France

Located at the Plessis Belleville airport, north of Paris, the Aerolithe maintenance center and Cirrus distributor for France is a workshop 100% dedicated to the maintenance of the Cirrus range of aircrafts.




Lixxbail uses the full spectrum of products of Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring to propose performant products to its customers.

The group proposes specialized financing in particular for the acquisition of your future airplane.


General Aviation Partner

General Aviation Partner actively sustains general aviation by bringing the necessary financial support.

François Billet proposes financing adapted to the purchase of new or pre-owned aircrafts, whether registered in France or abroad.

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