Cessna 172S Skyhawk G1000

The most produced airplane in the world

Get on board of the latest Cessna 172 SP produced by the American firm. This aircraft is equipped with a 180hp Lycoming engine and with the latest generation “G1000 Equipped”.

No doubt the Skyhawk SP will fit you like a glove and you will have remarkable flying thanks to its G1000 Glass Cockpit.

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G1000 Garmin Glass cockpit

When speaking today about cockpit intelligence, modernization for the service of pilot comfort, but also safety, the G1000 Glass Cockpit is what’s considered the best.

The G1000 gives you real time integration of all your airplane’s parameters. Whether you consider engine monitoring, flight controls, navigation tracking, radio communications or automatic pilot also; the G1000 system will inform and assist you with its 2 giant 10,4 inch active matrix screens.

No doubt about it, The Cessna 172 SP G1000 is an uncontested asset to your safety and represents a new way approach flying. The way of future General Aviation.

Exceptional comfort

With its four leather seats, the Skyhawk SP is your first class  ticket for a week-end after work.

The Cessna 172S in numbers

Persons on board



680 Nm

Cruise speed

124 Kts


380 Kg

Takeoff distance

320 m

Landing distance

440 m

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