Diamond DA42 G1000

The twin-engine made simple

The engineers and aerodynamicists from Diamond Aircraft at Wiener Neustadt have reached their ambitions when creating this magnificent revolutionary twin-engine named DA42 Twin Star.

Discover a distinguished airplane, with a line that makes you speechless, and also with sober manners thanks to its diesel engines.

You can trust the DA42 and invent today the no layover air routes you were dreaming about: Paris – Berlin, Paris – Dakar, Vienna – London, all this while just sipping 9.5 gallons/h of Jet A1.

Designed without compromise, the DA42 Twin Star enables four persons to fly in great comfort. The aircraft has two baggage compartments: one forward and one aft.

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Glasscockpit Garmin 1000

Gifted with the Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit identical to the other “Glass Cockpit” planes of the Astonfly fleet and an automatic pilot, the DA42 Twin Star is very satistying to long range travelers.

A simple and multi-skilled airplane

This airplane is more particularly used at Astonfly for training our professional pilots.

Astonfly’s DA42 TwinStars are fitted with the FIKI deicing option. Know you can avoid last minute cancelations due to icing.

Thanks to its simple handling, the DA42 is foremost an aircraft perfectly adapted to the private pilot wanting to travel in a multi-engine.

The Diamond DA42 G1000 in numbers

Persons on board



1129 Nm

Cruise speed

168 Kts


530 Kg

Takeoff distance

530 m

Landing distance

570 m

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