English language proficiency FCL.055


Make your pilot license fly abroad


For the pilots already in possession of a good conversational English, this 3 day training will help them master the language proficiency test called FCL.055.

We propose to train you for this test and pass the exam opening the door to international traveling.

The training has 3 full days of lessons and a half day to pass the exam.

The English language proficiency test gives you the privileges of your pilots license outside of France. The competencies are the some whatever the type of aircraft. You must receive a minimum grade of 4 and a maximum of 6 to pass the FCL.055.

Depending on your grade, the validity of your test will go from 4 to 6 years with the following levels:

Level 4: valid 4 years

Level 5: valid 6 years

Level 6: lifetime validity (the pilots wishing to gain a level 6 must take the exam directly with the DGAC).

Candidates may anticipate the renewal of their level at the soonest 12 months before the end of validity, without losing the advantage of the acquired ending date of the competency.

Your FCL.055 training will be conducted along 4 steps :

1. On line test to evaluate the initial level.

2. A CD-ROM, books and a personalized training program will be sent to your home in order to prepare the major points. Get ready to work from home for 3 to 4 weeks.

3. 3 days of lessons in Astonfly’s facilities at Toussus le Noble.

4. ½ day of tests in Astonfly’s facilities at Toussus le Noble.

FCL.055 English proficiency training quote request


  • Take an English language pre-evaluation test
  • A minimum of 4 participants per session.
  • A maximum of 8 participants per session.

Planning and duration

A training session is organized every three months, on a week-ends.

Next session in July 2018. Dates to come