Light Aircraft Pilot License – LAPL (A)


Your first experience as a pilot


The Light Aircraft Pilot License will enable you, without being paid for it, to fly yourself and your passengers – friends, family, business relations – to make them discover the unbelievable sensations of liberty and flexibility offered by flying in a light aircraft.

This Light Aicraft Pilot Licence (LAPL) will remind you of a simple automobile driver’s license, and is the first step to flying an airplane under 2 tons and with a maximum of four seats under your own supervision.

The training comprises a theoretical part and a practical training ; each of which is finalized by an exam. Theoretical and practical training are conducted jointly.

When receiving your license, you will have to fly 10 hours alone in the plane before you can fly with the passengers of your choice.


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  • Be at least 15 years of age in order to be at minimum 16 at the first solo flight and 17 minimum for the final exam.
  • Be the holder of a Class 2 medical certificate.


Planning and duration

Each training session is freely reserved on line according to your availabilities.

This training will take you from 3 to 18 months depending on the time you give it. One year is the best to join good educational value and efficiency with a frequency of lessons of about 2 to 3 per month.


Your LAPL training program


Theoretical training

To prepare for your theoretical exam you must :

  • Take 8 days of collective lessons (on week-ends).
  • Or 50 hours of private lessons (additional cost) with your instructor at your desired times.

The theoretical training is validated by a 120 multiple choice exam over covering two sections.


Practical training

You will have 30 flight hours :

  • 24 flight hours with an instructor
  • 6 hours of solo flying

Each flight session starts with a 30 minute briefing with your instructor, and is finished by a 20 minute debriefing and analysis of the inflight exercises.

The practical training validated by a flight with an examiner.


The ideal modern airplane between education and performance


Cessna 172S with G1000 avionics

You will be doing your training on a Cessna 172 SP G1000, a four seat airplane with modern avionics also called « glass cockpit », it is equipped with a 180HP engine.