Airline Transport Pilot License – ATP (A)

Become an airline pilot in 18 months full time

If you have no experience as a pilot (or just a PPL license with night flying qualification) and you want to become an airline pilot, this training is what you need to reach for your unique dream in 18 months.

Astonfly provides the integrated training (theoretical + practical) to become an airline pilot, also called ATP (A), conforming to the European regulation PART-FCL.

The ATP (A) training consists in :

  • Theoretical ATPL (14 certificats),
  • The Commercial Pilot License (A),
  • The multi-engine instrument rating IR (ME)
  • The multi-engine piston class qualification (MEP),
  • The Multi Crew Cooperation certificat (MCC).

This training, at the end, enables you to joind an airline company and make your dream of becoming an airline pilot come true.

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  • Be at least 18 years old at the moment of the CPL practical exam,
  • Be the holder of a class 1 medical certificate received under PART-MED rules,
  • Pass an admission test before entering training.

Planning and duration

This airline pilot training covers a period of 18 months full time.


To help you finance your professional project, Astonfly has a partnership with BNP PARIBAS. You benefit from a preferential rate of 1% (excluding insurance) to finance the cost of your training. To benefit from it, click here.

Next opportunities

Next opportunity takes place on November 30th, 2020.

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Your ATPL training program

Theoretical training

You willl receive an in class training over 9 months in order to pass the 14 necessary theoretical ATPL certificats.

Practical training

You will be doing :

  • A practical CPL / IRME / MEP training during 31 weeks, including :
    • 40 flight hours of instruction in a FNPT II simulator.
    • 90,5 flight hours of instruction on a single engine airplane,
    • 35 flight hours of instruction on a multi-engine airplane,
    • 19 solo flight hours on a single engine airplane,
  • An MCC(Multi Crew Cooperation) and JOC (Jet Orientation Course) training on a Boeing 737 simulator during 2 weeks in Dublin.


The ideal modern airplane

between education and performance


Diamond DA42 G1000

You will be doing your ATPL training on a Diamond DA42 G1000,
a four seat twin engine airplane with modern avionics called “glass cockpit”.

The twin-engine airplane the most adapted
to your future profession

Diamond DA42 G1000

Vous réalisez votre formation sur un Diamond DA42 G1000,
avion bimoteur à avionique moderne dite « glass cockpit » de 4 places.



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Testimonials from former students

Nicolas Jovanovic, Copilote

” An Astonfly alumni having followed the professional pilot training, I got the opportunity to have a quality training with professionalism, meeting the requirements of the Pilot job, on a modern aircraft fleet with competent and demanding instructors.

Thanks to this quality training, I succeeded on my Boeing 737 type rating and I have immediately been selected by Air Baltic to perform my first line training.

I then continued my career at Norwegian Airline.”

Nicolas Jovanovic, First Officer 737 – Norwegian

David Sitruk Copilote

“Professional and rigorous school with many instructors in brand new building environment. Last generation aircraft, clean and available due to a mechanical workshop on site and an efficient handling service. I passed my ATP integrated training in less than 18 months and then hired in a executive jet company, which has been my goal.

It was a pleasure to have been trained in this school.

I can only recommend it.”

David Sitruk, First Officer C510 – Aviation d’affaires

Lucas herail, Copilote

“I did my flight pilot training at Astonfly training school. Due to this high quality training, I acquired rigor and professionalism that are indispensable skills to exercise this profession.

I benefited from a suitable infrastructure, a competent instructors team and a very modern fleet as well. I consider that Astonfly brings together all the qualities a training requires to succeed in this job.

That’s why I recommend this flight school.

Lucas Herail, First Officer Boeing 737 – Air Baltic