Commercial Pilot License – CPL (A)


A modular training that adapts to you


You want to turn your passion into a job.

Astonfly will be by your side for this most unique dream.

Because we care to teach you your future job on an aircraft that resembles the most those you will build your career on, we have selected the Diamond Twin Star for its excellent light twin jet flight caracteristics, but also for its modern G1000 avionics, unavoidable today when training as a professional pilot.

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  • Be at least 18 years old at the moment of the CPL practical exam,
  • Be the holder of a CPL or ATPL theoretical certificate with at least 2 months or remaining validity.
  • Have a flight experience of 180 flight hours with at least :
    • 100 flight hours as pilot in command,
    • 20 hours of navigation flying as pilot in comand and at least on 300nm navigation,
    • 5 hours of night flying.
  • Be the holder of a class 1 medical certificate received under PART-MED rules.
  • Have a current English language proficiency FCL.055


Planning and duration

Personalized planning on line depending on availability, from Monday to Sunday.

This training is usually completed over a 4 to 6 week span depending on the time you will give it.

Your CPL training program


Theoretical training

Your theoretical training will be covered during a full week and wil consist of 25 hours of training specific to the inflight exercises and to the technical and regulatory knowledge of the professional pilot.


Practical training

You will be receiving 30 hours of inflight training :

  • 10 flight hours of instruction on a FNPT II simulator
  • 20 flight hours of instruction on a Diamond DA42.

If you are allready the holder of IR ME instrument qualification, the CPL practical training will be reduced to :

  • 10 flight hours of instruction on a FNPT II simulator
  • 5 flight hours of instruction on a Diamond DA42.

At the end, the practical training will be checked during an inflight exam.


The light twin jet airplane the most adapted

to your future profession.



Diamond DA42 G1000

You will be doing your training on a Diamond DA42 G1000, a four seat light twin jet airplane with modern avionics called “glass cockpit”.



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