Night flying rating

Discover a new environment

The basic PPL restricts you to daylight flying. The night flying rating is a particularly interesting complement it.

To extend the privileges of your license to night flying we propose a specific training.

With this training, we give the possibility to experience new emotions in flying. The reduced traffic,  a more laminar air, the fascinating lights of the cities, the sunsets while flying, and even the moon rise … A totally new ambience is offered to you for another kind of flying.

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  • Be the holder of a LAPL (A), PPL (A) with SEP qualification,
  • Be the holder of a class 2 medical certificate, under PART-MED regulations,

Planning and duration

Each training session is freely reserved on line depending on availabilities, from Monday to Sunday.


Your training program

Theoretical training

The theoretical training consists of 6,75 hours of training specific to night flying, decomposed into two sessions.

Practical training

During the practical training you will have at least :

  • 4 flight hours of instruction including at least 1 hour of night navigation,
  • 1  solo flight hour including 5 touch and goes.