Approach type rating – GNSS

Make precise instrument approaches with the GPS

You are instrument rated and you want to conduct instrument approaches, you must follow a specific training for this.

It comprises a theoretical training, and a practical training (flight simulator and directly in the cockpit of a Garmin 1000 equipped airplane).

Under the limitations of any other regulatory specification, the ability to conduct a GNSS approach enables the holder of an IR type rating to conduct instrument approaches using the GPS.

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  • Be the holder of a LAPL (A), PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A),
  • Be the holder of a class 2 medical certificate, under PART-MED regulations,
  • Be the holder of an IR (A) qualification.

Planning and duration

The full training takes place over a single day.

Your GNSS approach program

Theoretical training

  • 2,25 hours of theoretical lessons

Practical training

  • 2 hours of FNPT II simulator training under instruction,
  • 2,25 hours of in-cockpit instruction (on the ground)


GNSS training quote request