Single Engine Piston class rating – SEP


Flying all single engine piston aircrafts.

When earning your LAPL or PPL, you automaticaly earn your SEP class rating also.

With it, on condition you have a specific type training, you can fly all single engine piston airplanes.

Astonfly proposes a training to renew an SEP class rating if it has expired. This in order to pass a new practical exam.

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de formation SEP


  • Be the holder of a LAPL (A), PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A),
  • Be the holder of a class 2 medical certificate, under PART-MED regulations,

Planning and duration

Each training session is freely reserved on line depending on availabilities, from Monday to Sunday.

Validity of class rating

This class rating is valid for 24 months.

If the renewal date has not been reached you can ask for a prorogation:

  • Either from experience by proving that during the 12 months prior to the renewal date you have done on an SEP type airplane a minimum of:
    • 12 flight hours with a minimum of 6 as pilot in command,
      • 12 pilot in command takeoffs and 12 landings,
      • At least 1 full flight hour under instruction.
  • Or by taking a competence test with a flight examiner within 3 months before renewal.

If the renewal date has passed, you must take a class qualification renewal corresponding to the full practical exam you took for your LAPL or PPL.


Demandez un devis
de formation SEP