Cessna Citation Mustang Type rating

Fly on the light twin jet best seller.

The Cessna Citation Mustang C510 is a reference for the business jet companies operating light jets.
Its performances are comparable to those of jet aircrafts from much bigger categories, and the comfort offered gives it the best $/quality ratio of the market.

Astonfly, in association with its business jet airline company subsidiary Astonjet, proposes to qualify you on this exceptional aircraft. During this type rating, our instructors will teach you the principles of flying a jet airplane such as engine inertia, anticipation of speed reduction, or flying in RVSL airspace.

This type rating is particularly interesting to young professional pilots desiring to work in a business jet company.

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  • Be the holder of a LAPL (A), PPL (A), CPL (A) or ATPL (A),
  • Be the holder of a class 2 medical certificate, under PART-MED regulations,
  • Have a minimum of 500 flight hours experience with at least 70 hours as pilot in command on airplanes,
  • Be the holder of a multi-engine instrument rated qualification,

Planning and duration

  • Each training session is freely reserved on line depending on availabilities, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Full time, this training will take you 2 to 3 weeks

Your Cessna Citation Mustang training program

Theoretical training

  • 31,5 hours of theoretical lessons.

Practical training

  • 16 hours of MCC FNPT II simulator under instruction.
  • 3 flight hours under instruction on Cessna Citation Mustang.

Validity of type rating

This type rating is valid 12 months

If the renewal date has not been reached you can ask for a prorogation

  • Within the 3 months prior to the renewal date pass a competency check on airplane or FSTD simulator corresponding to the C510 type,
  • During the validity of the type rating, having conducted at least 10 laps as pilot in command on C510 type, or 1 lap as pilot on C510 type with an examiner.

If the validity date is passed, you will be required to conduct a re-training program, the volume of which will depend on the length of time since the renewal date, and a practical in-flight check flight with a class type rating examiner.


Citation MUSTANG training quote request