Airplane pilot discovery flights

1 student pilot and up to 2 passengers

Offer an unforgettable experience

With your flight instructor, you will take your first flying lesson on an airplane, from the Private Pilot License curriculum, just 20 minutes away from Paris at the Toussus le Noble airport (78).

Your professional flight instructor will show you the basics of airplane maneuverability before you discover wonderful landscapes.

If you would like to offer this training, you will receive a gift card via email to give to the beneficiary.


Purchase your introductory flight


  • Minimum age 12 years old
  • The maximum combined wheight of the 3 participants (1 student pilot and 2 passengers) should not exceed 240 Kg.
  • Not advised for pregnant women.

Planning and Duration

The beneficiary must plan his discovery flight within 12 months after purchase.

Astonfly is open 7 days a week, programing the flight is done online depending on availabilities.

You discovery flight program

  • You will be welcomed by our team at our Paris Astonfly flight center in Toussus le Noble.
  • A 30 minute briefing will be presented to discover the basics of airplane flight.
  • Preflight of the airplane with presentation of the flight instruments and the controls.
  • A 20, 40 or 60 minute instruction flight.
  • Pictures around the airplane with your instructor (with your cameras)
  • Educational debriefing of the flight.
  • A flight diploma will be presented as well as information on the training program to obtain a pilot license.

The airplane for your training


Cessna 172S with G1000 avionics

You will take your first lesson on a Cessna 172 SP G1000, a 4 seat airplane with modern avionics, called “glass cockpit”, with a 180 hp engine.