Private Pilot License

Latest generation fleet

Airline Transport Pilot Integrated

1st airplane flight school in France

An exceptional fleet of aircrafts

More than 30 single and multi-engine airplanes available to you.
They are amongst the most modern and performing in the world.

An ATO approval serving pedagogical quality

Astonfly is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority as a professional pilot training center.
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Training facilities just 20 minutes from Paris

Astonfly 9000 m2 of facilities at the Toussus le Noble Airport, just 20 minutes away from Paris
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ASTONFLY, Toussus le Noble
Aéroport de Toussus le Noble
Bât 313 – 78117 TOUSSUS LE NOBLE
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15 years of experience

For the last 5 years, our 35 employees have been dedicated to serving your passion

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12 années d’expérience

Your safety is our priority

Our airplanes are serviced and maintained by the most competent and recognized maintenance centers in France. They are also tracked by our on-board Safetyplane module.

Astonfly news

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