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France’s leading
Airline Pilot school
Reference training for the pilots of tomorrow

Find out why we are the first choice for airline pilot training in France, with our unrivalled expertise and guaranteed success for your aviation career


Your choice of training school will determine the perspective you wish to offer your career. This vital choice deserves a relevant and objective analysis. Because an airline pilot’s know-how and interpersonal skills are not only demonstrated by obtaining a licence, Astonfly has been investing continuously for over 20 years to enable its students to acquire a level of skills that meets the requirements of the biggest airlines.

France’s leading Airline Pilot school

  1. +20 years’ experience in airline pilot training.
  2. +150 pilots trained every year.
  3. Exclusive partner of Ryanair in France, Europe’s leading employer of pilots.
  4. Modern fleet of 24 aircraft and 5 simulators.
  5. 7,500 m2 campus just 20 minutes from Paris (France).