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ASTONFLY joins the French National Airline Pilots Union ATO Charter
Commitment to the ethical and moral values of professional flight schools in France


The SNPL wished to reflect on the practices of ATOs and set up a tool for student pilots in the form of a charter of good conduct containing a few virtuous principles of common sense and logic.

On 2 August 2022, Charles Clair, President of Astonfly, signed the ATO (Approved Training Organisation) charter on the proposal of Yves Deshayes, President of the French National Airline Pilots Union, which aims to recognise the ethical and moral values of professional flight schools in France.

By signing this charter, Astonfly hopes that all other French ATOs which have not yet signed it will join it in this constructive approach in order to guarantee future aspiring pilots the defence of their rights and fair treatment regardless of the choice of their training centre. This action can only contribute to the well-known excellence of professional pilot training in France.

Guarantee of Astonfly's ethical and responsible commitment to its customers

By signing this charter, Astonfly commits to:
  1. Provide transparency on the financial situation of the training centre to its future students.
  2. To limit its registration deposits to 10% of the total amount of the training course.
  3. To ensure progressive payment of the course through a payment schedule.
  4. Offer to adjust the payment schedule if the student pilot’s progress slows down.
  5. Limit the breakage fee in case of failure or withdrawal to 10% of the total cost of the training. Astonfly goes even further than the charter by not proposing any penalty if the failure or withdrawal occurs during the theoretical part of the training.
  6. Communicate all its prices in a transparent manner in its training agreement.
  7. Transmit a realistic training schedule in accordance with the material and human resources available to the ATO.
  8. Not apply any additional costs in the event of a change in its training resources (type of aircraft or simulator).
  9. Respect the applicable regulations in terms of labour law in the context of its social responsibility.
  10. Communicate the SNPL ATO charter to future students as soon as they register.