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Diamond DA42 Twin Star
Garmin G1000 Equipped

The Diamond DA42 is a state-of-the-art trainer, ideal for future airline pilots


At Astonfly, we’re proud to offer you high-quality airline pilot training with our fleet of 8 Diamond DA42s. This modern, high-performance twin-engine aircraft is designed to provide a realistic and immersive training experience, preparing you for the challenges and demands of being a professional pilot.

Diamond DA42 G1000
Multi-engine aircraft

Persons on board



Garmin 1000

Cruising speed

150 Kts

Take-off distance

745 m


800 Nm

Maximum Altitude

18 000 ft


535 Kg

Landing distance

735 m

Quality without compromise

Now the twin-engine aircraft of reference for professional pilot training, with its G1000 avionics and state-of-the-art equipment, it is acclaimed by future Astonfly-trained captains.

Astonfly’s DA42 Twin Star aircraft have the de-icing option (the FIKI certification), so you are no longe forced to cancel your instrument flight due to the risk of icing.

Designed for the satisfaction of the pilot

The DA42’s interior has been designed with both the pilot and passengers in mind. Enjoy ergonomic seating during your navigations.

Garmin Glasscockpit 1000

The Glass Cockpit G1000 represents today’s best in terms of intelligent cockpit and modernism, at the service not only of your comfort when you pilot, but also of your safety.
The G1000 integrates all the parameters of your aircraft in real time. Whether it concerns engine controls, flight controls, navigation tracking, radio communications or the autopilot. This makes situational orientation much easier and less stressful.

The G1000 system, with its two large 10.4″ active matrix displays, provides information and support. The Diamond DA42 G1000 is undoubtedly a remarkable asset to your safety and represents a new way of learning how to pilot an aircraft. The future of general aviation.