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Successful or Reimbursed Training
Your success is our guarantee

With our “Successful or Reimbursed” program, we offer you unrivalled tranquility, ensuring that your investment in your future as an airline pilot is fully protected


At Astonfly, your success is our priority. We believe so firmly in the quality of our training
that we guarantee your professional success or your money back. Find out more about our unique commitment.
We understand the importance of your investment, both in time and money.
This guarantee allows you to concentrate fully on your training without financial worries.

Successful or Reimbursed Training

  1. In the event of failure or withdrawal during the theoretical course, Astonfly is the ONLY school to reimburse you in full for the sums already paid for your training.
  2. In the event of failure or withdrawal during the practical course, Astonfly will reimburse you for any flight hours not yet used, without penalty.