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Boeing 737 MAX simulator
7000XR Series Level D Flight Simulator
Discover a unique virtual immersion and pilot training experience


At Astonfly, we are committed to providing first-class airline pilot training with our Boeing 737 MAX flight simulator. This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to provide an extremely realistic and immersive training experience, preparing you for the challenges and demands of being a professional pilot.

A standard reference in pilot training

In addition to exceeding the regulatory requirements associated with Level D, CAE’s 7000XR Series flight simulator is perfect for meeting the specific needs of the operators. CAE’s flight simulators are recognised around the world as the “gold standard” because of their high fidelity and reliability.

CAE's TroposTM 6000XR system provides exceptional visual realism

– Airports are always kept up to date thanks to the CAE TrueMC airport services.
– The CAE Airport Clutter Editor creates a dynamic scenario

A new generation of tools for instructors

– Integrated information for easy access to advanced features
– An intuitive lesson planning tool
– 3D map of an aircraft’s flight path with outlets for certain events
– An increased amount of information minimises navigation.
– Ergonomically redesigned interiors and instructor tools