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Previously known as the Ryanair Mentored Programme, the brand-new Ryanair Future Flyer Academy program has just been launched, again in exclusive partnership in France with the Astonfly flight school, which has been selecting and training Ryanair’s future pilots for the past 2 years.

Ryanair continues to place its trust in Astonfly for pilot training

Astonfly’s Ryanair Future Flyer Academy program, which is open to anyone with an interest in aviation, gives students the opportunity to acquire all the knowledge and experience they need for a successful career as a professional pilot. What’s more, to guarantee maximum peace of mind and safety for students, they benefit from both the Ryanair program and the successful or reimbursed training program offered by Astonfly.

An innovative program with a promise of employment and a type qualification at stake

Training to become an airline pilot represents a significant financial investment. The Ryanair Future Flyer Academy enables you to secure a conditional promise of employment with Europe’s leading airline, ensuring your future employability, even before you start your training with Astonfly. The Ryanair Future Flyer Academy also guarantees that Ryanair will finance your Boeing 737 qualification once you have completed your Astonfly training. From this promise of employment to your appointment as captain, Astonfly accompanies these students, who are trained in Ryanair SOPs right from the start.

Requirements for the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy program

Candidates must have the right to study in the EU, be at least 17 years old at the start of training, and hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. A Class 1 medical aptitude, specific to PART-MED regulations, is also required. Once the conditions for admission to the Airline Transport Pilot training course have been met, a pre-selection phase follows, based on an online, distance learning test, including various mathematics/physics, logic, reasoning and English tests.

Your selection for the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy program

Valid for 12 months, a successful pre-selection opens the way to the Ryanair selection phase, during which you will be invited to take a group test and an individual interview at Astonfly’s Paris – Toussus le Noble site. The group test assesses your ability to work in a team, communicate effectively and solve problems collaboratively. The individual interview, meanwhile, enables recruiters to better understand your motivations, your passion for aviation and your aptitude to become a professional pilot. These crucial stages are designed to identify the promising talents who will join Ryanair’s pilot ranks.

Conditional promise of employment

First of all, candidates must pass their theoretical ATPL exam, with an average mark of 85% for each of the 14 certificates. A maximum of 4 attempts to validate this exam is granted to students wishing to join the Ryanair program. In addition, the CPL and ME/IR exams must be passed on the first attempt. Finally, students must pass the final evaluation of their APS MCC course, an exam similar to the one they will have to take later to join the Ryanair program. All candidates who pass Ryanair’s final assessment will be offered a place on the specific Boeing 737 aircraft type rating course, fully funded by Ryanair.

In conclusion

With the Ryanair Future Flyer Academy program, students benefit from the recognized excellence of Astonfly training and the proven procedures of Europe’s leading airline. As a result, after 3 years’ experience as a Ryanair co-pilot, pilots can now aspire to the position of captain.